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It’s Been Our Pleasure…

FineFoods Prepared Meals to Sunset at the End of July

First and foremost, we wanted to let you — our dear (and) Fine Friends — know that we will sunsetting FineFoods Prepared Meals at the end of July though FineFoods Catering will continue.

FineFoods was established in 2007 with the primary goal of letting you rediscover your dining room table and enjoy a tasty meal even in your hectic lives. Thank you for allowing us into your home every week to “cook” for you over the past seven years. It has been like cooking for family. And we will miss you dearly! (Read More)


Delivering delicious prepared food to San Francisco and the Northern Peninsula.
Watch our video for a quick introduction to FineFoods! ~

FineFoods Introduction Video


Introducing FineFoods Funds - Online Prepaid Credit

We are all about helping making your life a little easier and tastier. To facilitate ordering your prepared meals we are now offering a new payment method: online prepaid credit.

How does it work? Pay into your FineFoods Funds via PayPal or a personal check and we will set up a personalized checkout code for you.

What’s the bonus? Account payments of $300 or more receive 10% bonus funds. And any unused funds are refundable at any time.

For more information contact us at or 415.902.7703.


Quality Food
At FineFoods, we believe that great food improves your quality of life. But real life often means that you don’t have the time or energy to cook the delicious, nutritious and well-balanced food you want to eat. With FineFoods pre-made meals, you can enjoy great food that is readily available in your refrigerator or freezer.

Prepared food items are available in your refrigerator and can be heated in ~10 minutes. Many items are freezer friendly and every item includes clear and concise directions for storing and heating your meals. Meals can be delivered to your home or pick up your food on Tuesdays (see our FAQ).

Flexible Menus
Each weekly menu is designed so that you can build meals to suit your tastes, budget and schedule. Select from several entree options (red meat, fish or fowl, vegetarian and pasta), paired with different side dishes, and finish off your meals with a sweet addition.

With a strong emphasis on local, organic and sustainable ingredients - including all natural meats & poultry - FineFoods lets you enjoy the wonderful food of the Bay Area without having to make restaurant reservations (or search for parking).

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You can pick-up your meals from these convenient neighborhood locations:
  • Noe Valley - 24th St. Cheese Co. (3893 24th St. at Sanchez)
  • NOPA - Home Service Market (1700 Hayes at Central)
  • Castro - Noe Hill Market (4001 19th St. at Noe)
View an interactive map with our locations.


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